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Meet the Editors

Tax Section Editors

The Section Editors choose the Contributing Editors and exercise editorial control over their section.  In addition, each Section Editor will write at least one contribution (“jot”) per year.  Questions about contributing to a section ought usually to be addressed to the section editors.

Professor Susan Morse
Angus G. Wynne, Sr. Professor in Civil Jurisprudence
The University of Texas School of Law

Professor Shu-Yi Oei
Professor and Dean’s Distinguished Scholar
Boston College Law School

Contributing Editors

Contributing Editors agree to write at least one jot for Jotwell each year.

Dean Kimberley Ruth Brooks
Dean & Professor of Law
Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law

Professor Dorothy A. Brown
Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law
Emory University School of Law

Professor Neil H. Buchanan
The George Washington University Law School

Professor Charlotte Crane
Northwestern University School of Law

Professor Kristin Hickman
Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Harlan Albert Rogers Professor in Law
University of Minnesota Law School

Professor Omri Marian
University of California, Irvine School of Law

Professor Leigh Osofsky
University of Miami School of Law

Professor Diane Ring
Dr. Thomas F. Carney Distinguished Scholar
Boston College Law School

Professor Adam Rosenzweig
Vice Dean for Academic Affairs & Professor of Law
Washington University School of Law

Professor Theodore P. Seto
Hon. Frederick J. Lower, Jr. Chair
Loyola Law School

Professor Daniel Shaviro
Wayne Perry Professor of Taxation
NYU School of Law

Professor Kathleen DeLaney Thomas
Director of UNC Law Tax Institute
University of North Carolina School of Law

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