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I enjoyed your review on trade, currency and international cooperation. Your statement about the preeminence of the dollar as international reserve currency has missed entirely what the BRICS’ proposal for a new development bank means for the dollar. These countries account for more than 25% of international trade, and they are jettisoning the dollar to finance their trade. There is alot to be said about gold at the moment, perhaps Lars Schall’s latest article says it best.
German / US gold in Hong Kong refineries?
Juli 13th, 2013
You may have heard about William Kaye’s assertion that Western central bank gold is being recast for purchase in Asia. However, when asked about it in order to investigate the matter, Mr. Kaye seems to be a “NATO“ member: No Action, Talk Only.

The National Taxpayers Union has a blog on my case at I am still waiting to hear back from NYUJILP on the attached submission. We are on track for a currency war, downgrade in the US credit rating, and dissolution of the North Atlantic trade alliance unless we combat the corruption that I have been reporting. At least the total censorship in the corrupt media is now beginning to crumble.

For a current update, see

Karen Hudes
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The best article on my story is at Asia Times refused to run it
Eric Holder’s prosecution of me
For more background see:
6/21/13 RTTV,
House of Commons International Development Committee, Written Evidence for the inquiry into The work of the Independent Commission for Aid Impact, published July 7, 2012 available here:
House of Commons Public Administration Committee, Written Evidence for the inquiry into Public engagement in policy making, published November 2, 2012 available here:
The European Parliament Committee on Budgetary Control Hearing on Whistleblowing May 25, 2011 available here:

My Ripoff Report about this corruption is at:

Comment on Obamacare and Lower-Income Workers by david doon Sat, 04 May 2013 10:15:03 +0000 The key to this health care working if for the middle income earners being insured.Keep up the good fight.

Comment on Reading to Challenge Your Tax Thinking by Susie Morse Fri, 19 Apr 2013 17:29:50 +0000 I am reminded of the view, suggested by Dick Harvey among others, that the key to FATCA is agreed due diligence requirements e.g. for determining what beneficial owners stand behind entities. Perhaps that is an example of something that reads as procedure, but instrumentally may constitute substance; the ability to identify taxpayers is arguably the whole purpose of the global tax information disclosure push.

Comment on Should We Tax the Rich, or Leave Them Alone? by Robert Chapman Fri, 06 Jul 2012 11:01:37 +0000 The Trouble With Billionaires is That Too Many of Them Act Like the Koch Brothers.

This concept is far too kind to the rich.

Thei subversion of our economic futures is far more insidous than their role in politics.

Look at call centers and computer programing, for example. What reason is there to send such jobs overseas? Does sending a call center for US products to the Phillipines or India make sense?

Taking those jobs away from Americans lowers the standard of living here.

This is only of many examples orf the American rich using their wealth directly against the well being of Americans.

Our prolonged debt crisis has kep the bite of poverty from being obvious, but it cannot continue.

Unlike famous third world kleptocrats like Mobutu or Mubarek, who only steal cash, American plutocrats are killing the goose that lays the golden eggs by offshoring the jobs that make middle class possible.

Limiting the discussion to the effect the rich have on the political discussion merely serves to obscure how badly they are hurting us.

We simply cannot afford the rich.

Comment on Who’s Left With the Money? by ALVIS JENKINS Tue, 29 May 2012 14:09:04 +0000 Unlawful means not in compliance with the law. Unlawful taxation occurs with all state lotteries on prizes exceeding $5000. Read the Code and see that the tax is collected as if the winner is the employee and the lottery is the employer (see section 3402(q)(p) of Title 26. The lottery is upholding federal law in the respective state without authority to do so. For example, the respective state cannot enforce the Uniform Federal Lien Registration Act unless it adopts it by reference. None of the lotteries have adopted the income tax statutes of Title 26. Plain and simple, the Lotteries are collectiong the income tax under color of law and commit two felonies, namely extortion and conversion of funds. Also private citizens have protection of the Constitution which prohibits a direct tax on property without apportionment. Article 1, section 2, clause 3, section 9, clause 4, has never been repealed. No one is above the law and that includes governments.

Comment on Should We Tax the Rich, or Leave Them Alone? by Jeff Chambers Wed, 21 Sep 2011 21:51:09 +0000 I think that the rich should be taxed, if only to show that the government has no favorites. It would be unfair if they weren’t taxed at all.

Comment on Health Care Costs and Fiscal Infirmity by George Reamy Mon, 21 Jun 2010 14:13:30 +0000 Perhaps the incentives you mentioned for Medicare abuse are the reason so many medical universities in Texas have run afoul of Medicare rules. UT Southwestern, to name one, is in the throes of a well-publicized controversy right now. When profits are more important than people, we’re in trouble.

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